Adam studied Architecture at the University of Portsmouth and graduated with honours in 2007. Upon returning to Portsmouth University to study for his Diploma in Architecture, Adam has chosen to study with the Urbanism Studio to pursue his interests in the sustainable evolution and regeneration of the city. You can follow the collective work of the Urbanism Studio @ www.urbanismstudio.co.uk

Friday, 3 December 2010


The following serial views depict a route through the site, showing the changing nature of the spaces and their characteristics.
Site plan
1. Approach along Galata bridge.
2. crossing Rihtim square.

3. Passing through the traffic on Maliye Road.

4. Traveling along Kemeralti Road.

5. On approach to the Istanbul Modern.

6. Viewing Nusretiye Mosque through parked cars and the American Bazaar.

7. Fenced promenade between port authority and derelict warehouses.

8. Viewing Mimar Sinan University form the Bosphorus.

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